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Language is how we communicate – be it voiced or written there are so many ways to link communities together and boost our skills. People from all walks of life bring an exceptional experience to our program as we unpack, celebrate, and seek to connect multicultural communities through language.

Polaron is an international social enterprise with expertise, networks and systems that empower people and organisations by connecting them to the global community.

We are a team of highly skilled in-house linguists and a network of over 1,500 Australia-based, NAATI-certified translators, interpreters and project managers. Our people are passionate about language quality.

We are invested in the outcomes of all translation projects, from standard NAATI certified translations to the intricate multilingual, community approved, translation projects.

Since 2000, Polaron has been working in partnership with clients and diverse communities to deliver multilingual projects that cement our reputation as a leader of the language industry.

For more information, head to www.polaron.com.au