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Digital harm is well hidden online… Cybersecurity for businesses is simply a must in today’s digital world. Thankfully businesses can amplify their “Cyber fitness” with approachability and easy understanding.

Thanks to the team at Cynch security we have access to expert who are helping small businesses boost their defensive capabilities in a world where cyberattacks are directed at them daily.

Cynch is proudly an Australian cyber security company on a mission to create a world where every small business can be fit, strong and resilient to the cyber attacks directed at them every day.

The Cynch Cyber Fitness platform makes it possible for businesses of any size to measure their cyber risk, build their cyber fitness, share priorities with their team and ultimately show off their cyber strength.

Using a healthy dose of automation, simple tools and advice that does away with the tech speak, business owners and founders can finally access the right advice for their business at a price they can afford.

Cynch also partners with industry associations, IT support providers, insurance brokers and larger businesses to measure and improve the cyber fitness of their small business partners.