The smarter way to manage your IT with ThingsAt

The smarter way to manage your IT with ThingsAt

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Ruy Franco appeared on Ticker Insight to discuss why we are headed for a recession, and that the best thing companies can do right now is to prepare their businesses to operate at lower costs.


ThingsAt love managing devices for businesses of all sizes. Their best-in-class Device as a Service, strategic consulting and professional services will help you take control, reduce costs, create a happier workforce and make sure your business is focused on what you do best.

What is Device as a Service?

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a way you can outsource the company-wide management of your entire fleet of devices to an external provider. DaaS bundles the leasing of IT hardware such as laptops, tablets and accessories together with software and lifecycle management into a single per-person-per-month fee.

Why DaaS from ThingsAt?

In a nutshell, ThingsAt take away the distraction and hassle of managing the lifecycle of laptops and other devices and replace it with a per user cost that scales with your business. They are vendor independent, so you choose the vendor or get them to put the best package together for your needs.

Getting device management as a service right relies on deep experience across consulting, professional services and managed services. That’s the unique combination of expertise ThingsAt brings to your business.

Take control and get clarity with ThingsAt – the smarter way to manage your IT

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