Go Girl, Go for IT and get involved in the technology sector

Go Girl, Go for IT and get involved in the technology sector

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Jessica Huynh recently appeared to discuss the upcoming Go for IT event being hosted at Deakin University, encouraging girls to get into the technology sector.

Go Girl, Go for IT is a fun, free one-day technology conference for girls in years 5-12 across Australia.

A common perception is that ‘IT’ means coding. Go Girl challenges that view by showcasing different STEM careers and alternatives.

It aims to excite and engage female school students by introducing them to this world.

The one-day event focuses on inspiring students with fantastic role model speakers, showcasing technology of the future and challenging any preconceptions of what a career in IT might look like. It opens up the possibilities of following careers in everything from analysis to user design to development to data science (just to name a few!).

Dozens of hands-on workshops, presentations and discussions provide girls with the right kinds of information to help them discover what a career in IT could mean for them. Participants will walk away understanding whether they want to pursue a career in IT.

For more information, head to the website.

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