The new art & NFT model to raise charity funds

The new art & NFT model to raise charity funds

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Philanthropist and social entrepreneur Martin Mobarak has come up with a new way to utilise blockchain technology, and help the charity industry at the same time.

How, you may ask?

Frida.NFT is a new way of releasing some of the burden that charities have,” Mobarak exclusively revealed to Ticker Insight. “Through this technology, we can be very transparent, and can help all of the people in need.”

Mobarak has established a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non fungible tokens) about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, and transformed them to live in the digital realm – Fantasmones Siniestros.

“I was raised very close to the birthplace of Kahlo,” Mobarak explained. “I was touched by the fact that I was so close to it.

“And it provided a very strong influence in my life. I was drawn to her art.”

An exhibition of the NFTs will be held on Saturday 29 July, 10-11:45pm EST, exclusively for holders and VIP guests.

Each Fantasmones Siniestros NFT grants the holder membership to the exclusive art-driven charity foundation along with a host of benefits including access to luxurious amenities, unique experiences, and exclusive events around the globe.

Mobarak added: “The people that will be joining this community of NFTs will be contributing to the exchange of those NFTs, and the fees are generated through the exchange of said NFTs will be contributing to these charities.

“We have found a new way to create a unique pipeline of funds for them, as we have a medical system that is so broken, that it doesn’t reach the people that need it.”

Mobarak has also decided to take his own masterpiece, Fantasmones Siniestros, valued over $10million, to be the first perpetual royalty charity initiative.

“This is going to impact the art world and is going to start a revolution,” Mobarak said.

For more information, head to their website, or to register for the event, click here.

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