Latana ensuring consumer insights, preferences & brand tracking are done right

Latana ensuring consumer insights, preferences & brand tracking are done right

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How can organisations find out the information they need to successfully sell a product in a particular region of the world?

It’s been one thing to create a product, and have the hopes and dreams that it would one day, become a success and set you on the way, but it is another when you realise there are several processes which can make it stand out in a crowded place.

And this is where Latana’s AI-powered technology can come in, which focuses on consumer insights and brand tracking to deliver the insights you need to get there.

“Nowadays, everybody has a mobile phone,” Latana‘s Chief Marketing & Growth Officer Angeley Mullins exclusively revealed to Ticker Insight. “And we use mobile-optimised servers around the world.

“The idea behind this is how can we use that connection to really understand the perception of human behaviour.

“So whether it is a company that’s trying to grow in a different location, or whether it’s a company that’s just trying to do a rebranding, they want to understand the perception of their target audience.

“And by having these mobile-optimised surveys, we can put them on panel partnerships and platforms around the world.

“By completing these surveys, you can help marketing and branding leaders make better decisions,” Mullins explains.

The CMO & CGO points out how the changing nature of consumers, and what has been occurring in the space over the past several years.

“Consumers are really focusing on what they want, and what’s important to them,” Mullins contends. “Latana’s brand tracking provides the context behind the data.”

“The past 10 years for marketing has been riddled with data analytics platforms, and return on investment spend (ROAS). But we’ve gotten to this arena of data paralysis, and not understanding the context behind it.

“So, we provide insights like brand awareness and preference consideration in the brand funnel, but also key insights such as associations and how do consumers associate with a brand.

“And that makes the critical difference to a branding or marketing strategy or even a go-to-market launch.”

Mullins contends if companies have not gotten their brand strategy right, to “go back to basics” and ask them for their thoughts.

“A lot of companies especially in the past five years,” she details. “They think they understand what consumers want and their preferences.

“But a lot of times in our data, what we find is, they’re missing the mark.

“So, this is the critical element that can make or break a company strategy.

“A lot of times, because of the technology that’s out there, a lot of strategy and executive leaders think that they can just use those tools and it will create that strategy for them.

“However, start from the beginning. Understand your brand understand your consumer identity, understand what your customers want, and take it from there,” Mullins concludes.

For more information, lead to Latana’s website.

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