Unified supply chain

Unified supply chain

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Why is it crucial that warehousing, labour, automation and transportation all work as one holistic process? What benefits can customers see with this supply chain solution?

This is not a new concept.

Raghav Sibal, Managing Director of Manhattan Associates in Australia & New Zealand, says unifying supply chain across warehouse automation, labor and transport has been the core of supply chain for for a long time.

However, over the past few decades, as technology was evolving, optimisation has been front of mind.

What are the benefits?

“At a very simple level, it’s making sure that the information that’s available through your shipments and transport that’s coming, that’s bringing products into the warehouse, making it useful and valuable for warehouse operation,” Raghav says.

For example, if shipments are coming into a warehouse, you want to know when they’re arriving what’s in them.

Raghav adds that businesses that experience any hiccups that are happening in the warehouse, want to plan warehouse operations to align with when outbound deliveries are gonna occur.

“You give your customers in the retail operations, the ability to make changes to orders till the last drop of the truck isn’t closed, and customers are taking to this very well. They’re looking at what they’re seeing and the value that the unification can unlock across the entire end to end process.”

Holistic warehouse

Raghav says Manhattan are looking at products moving from point of origin to point of destination as one holistic process.

He says it all aligns with proficient optimisation.

“It’s all one continuous kind of flow of goods happening from origin to destination and everything that comes in the middle.”

This means, it’s not about a transport management solution, or warehouse management solution doing their job within the four walls, or even labor management doing its own bit to optimise the labour – but a strategy that unites distribution, labor, automation and transportation into one single solution.

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