Don’t duck the Government

Don’t duck the Government

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Over the past couple years, Government Contracts Strategist Karwanna D, has helped over 200+ business owners generate in excess of $3million and growing in revenues and growing.

She has founded this business as a one-­stop resource and connect for women entrepreneurs. Over the years, Karwanna have learned how to build a business from the ground up and that includes establishing your business, marketing, branding, building a website, understanding your target market and more.

It took her over 10 years to learn the things about business that she knows. She hasdesigned this business so that you won’t have to take as long to grow your business and discover what it takes to be successful.

Karwanna has now released a new book titled ‘Don’t Duck The Government They’ve Got Your Money’, which is a companion book for small business owners who want to learn how to grow their business with government contracts.

For more information about the book, head to this website, and for more about Karwanna D, click here.

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