SoftIron’s full spectrum of data centre appliances

SoftIron’s full spectrum of data centre appliances

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When it comes to technology, individuals and businesses won’t accept items that ‘just will do’.

This means having custom-made items are critical for organisations in order to prosper.

And this is where SoftIron comes in – being the world’s leader in purpose-built and performance-optimised data centre solutions.

“We build a full spectrum of data centre appliances,” SoftIron‘s Jason Van der Schyff exclusively told Ticker Insight. “Storage, networking and computing.

“What’s unique about this is that we do the design and the manufacturing as well.”

This becomes an attractive proposition for organisations who are operating private Clouds, and don’t want to put information into the public sphere, such as healthcare, finance and defence.

The company has plans to expand into the Indo-Pacific region, specifically within Australia, and this has also been reflected in the growth of the organisation in just 12 months.

“It’s the first time these types of appliances have ever been built in Australia,” Van der Schyff explains. “This is something that has never happened before.

“It really is creating a Sovereign resilience for the government, and for the whole country.

“And it’s something that we hope will then spawn other companies to follow in our footsteps, to really start to make those investments in manufacturing in Australia.

“We’ve doubled the size of the company globally over the last 12 months, and with a new facility in Australia and a growing footprint there, there’s loads of opportunities.

“We’re passionate about open source software, as well as hardware – in designing the next generation of motherboards and other parts.”

Van der Schyff spoke to the importance of manufacturing in-house, which has proved a shrewd move, given a global microprocessor and chip shortage.

“This is why we made those decisions so many years ago to manufacture ourselves,” he discusses. “Because we were able to take so much more control over the whole manufacturing process.

“We’re able to manage that ourselves by holding large amounts of inventory, of those really core chips that we need.

“Because we’re building them ourselves, we are able to really manage that.

“We’re not at the mercy of factories that are getting shut down because of lockdowns.

And by now building a second factory in Australia, that’s really creating a lot more resilience for us, which flows on, by virtue, our customers.”

For more information about SoftIron, head to their website.

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