Unlocking human-centric impact with HTAnalysts

Unlocking human-centric impact with HTAnalysts

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Have you ever thought how decisions are made in the healthcare industry? How lives can be saved with a groundbreaking piece of technology at one’s disposal.

But something you may not have thought about too often is the social impact that decision is having.

HTAnalysts is the leader in this field, and CEO Alasdair Godfrey recently appeared on Ticker Insight give us a glimpse into the organisation.

“We’ve supported the health sector to assess and advise on the innovative health technology,” Godfrey revealed. “Whether that be a medicine, a pathology test, a new device, new medical service initiative program, or a combination of all of those things.

“What this does is help to determine the efficacy and value of these technologies.

“Why we do, what we do, is ultimately to help decision makers to derive where the greatest impacts are in health, when it comes to making calls on budgets and investments.”

Godfrey spoke about how the move to enter this sector came about.

We had increasing voices and our clients were asking us ‘how can we support them to show impact and what they do,” he added. “And we found that this was leading us out with traditional healthcare.

“We think it’s really vital for the future. Everyone should be aiming to create, enhance, analyse, and demonstrate impact an HTAnalysts can do all of these things.

“Because of our healthcare heritage, we think we can help individuals, businesses, governments, to ensure assessing impact is more than just checking boxes, patting yourself on the back, but as a rigorous and scientific process, and connects ultimately, to the health and wellbeing of people, of their families, communities, and ultimately, the population at large.”

The CEO also spoke about how organisations are wanting “cohesion” between impact and sustainability, with companies opting to become socially responsible citizens.

The times we are living in are unpredictable,” Godfrey adds. “Pandemics, wars, political instability – so individuals, businesses and governments want assurance and a greater sense of cohesion that comes through both creating positive impact also communicating effectively.

“Moreover, due to the pandemic, healthcare has never been so front and centre, and research is showing over half of consumers are really paying attention to brand social responsibility.

Godfrey argues this social responsibility brands are delving into, is helping them to retain employees – or even attract new ones.

Research has shown that nine out of 10 employees want companies to lead with purpose and connect to social good,” Godfrey reiterates.

“The initiatives that demonstrate thoughtful consideration to communities are popular – they go down well with employees because it helps them to not just focus on salary and benefits, and traditional sale benefits like bonuses – there’s an increasing need for companies to demonstrate meaningful, positive contributions to society through impact.

“Otherwise, they’ll just lose the talent – the best talent will go to organisations who do that make this a priority.”

For more information, head to their HTAnalysts’ website.

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