AFA Group Wealth’s unique financial creation model

AFA Group Wealth’s unique financial creation model

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What were you doing when your were 20 years old – if you can remember that far back?

Well, for AFA Group Wealth‘s John Cachia, it was setting up his business, one that has been around for just as long.

Cachia has now been able to position himself as a thought leader in his industry, and able to help clients achieve financial freedom with confidence.

“I started my journey when I was 14,” Cachia exclusively revealed to Ticker News. “I went to go work for my cousin’s financial advisory business, loved that, and never looked back.

“Being that 20-year-old guy that started a financial advisory business took a bit of guts.

“And, you know, I look back at that 20-year-old and am quite proud of what I did that back then.

“I am now in a really strategic profession that is helping people achieve financial freedom every day.”

Cachia explains having several elements that can combine together is what brings out the best, financially, for his clients.

“Having the best super fund or having the best investment that is going to change people’s lives by itself, it needs to be put together with a unique framework.” Cachia adds.

“And this framework essentially, is really around, bringing behavioural coaching and money management together.

“We work with neuroscientists, and psychologists in our team, really trying to bring that coaching to help clients level up every single day.

“What we want to try and do is build a plan that creates simple strategies that they can stick to, really based on, obviously, the core, which is their cash flow, and then building the financial solutions around that.”

Cachia is also the current National Practitioner Chair of Association of Financial Advisers – a position he is ‘humbled’ to be a part of, as the voice of advisors, and hoping to improve financial literacy in schools.

“I looked up to a lot of people that were in this position, previously.” he adds. “I go to the boards and governments that govern the profession.

“I’m very passionate about ensuring that financial advice remains as affordable as possible to all Australians, and we’re doing our utmost to make that happen.

“I’m even working with schools at the moment to try and improve the financial literacy in schools, as parents are concerned that their kids or their teenagers are going through school, and not getting the adequate financial literacy to prepare them for the later days in their life.”

For more information, head to the AFA Group Wealth website.

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