Getting your groove back with HappyPause

Getting your groove back with HappyPause

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Sandy Davies is the creator of HappyPause

Bringing HappyPause Menopause Balm to you brings her immense joy. 

HappyPause is not about making menopause disappear, it is about easing vaginal dryness to help females get their groove back.  My hope is that HappyPause proves beneficial to you, too.

She never realised how significantly trouble in the never-discussed nether regions could impact self-confidence & ability to take on the world.

Vaginal atrophication and vaginal dryness are a real thing for millions of women as they navigate menopause and the post-menopausal years.  And females often don’t want to speak about it.

Sometimes the discomfort can be a mild irritating feeling when your skin rubs together; other times it can feel like sandpaper grating. You might only feel occasional discomfort at the start of intercourse or battle recurring UTIs. Vaginal dryness impacts people in different ways.

Numbing vaginal itch wipes mask the problem, but when the treatment wears off itching returns with a vengeance even more severe due to skin irritation heightened by harsh ingredients.  And everyone knows that once you give in and scratch, no matter how good it feels at the start, the vicious cycle of infection begins.

Other treatments felt gross and sticky, which made me feel undesirable & irritable, so Sandy knew there had to be a more natural solution out there for those with sensitive skin even if she couldn’t find it on the shelves of the local pharmacy.

Two years down the track, HappyPause is the result.  It is gentle and eases discomfort.  The blend of the really good stuff, ie ethically sourced Direct Micro Expelled hand pressed coconut oil, with additional plant derived natural ingredients to seal in moisture mean your intimates are soothed with no preservatives or nasties.

HappyPause has a lasting effect with no icky residue. 

For her personally, she felt sexy again & back to her happy self.  And that happy self is the self we all want to embrace the most during menopause and beyond.  Finding a solution to ease the intimate itch that tagged along with menopause was the break she needed to confidently shout “I’ve got this!” to the rest of my menopausal woes.

HappyPause provides you with relief from vaginal dryness and Sandy Davies hopes it becomes an integral component of how you manage your own menopause journey and the years beyond.

For more information, head to her website.

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