‘Downing tools’ not good for beverage producers in Australia

‘Downing tools’ not good for beverage producers in Australia

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Non-alcoholic beverage producers in Australia and across the world spend over half their time not producing – including 20 minutes of unplanned downtime every hour – according to a new first-of-its-kind report from OFS. The research recommends better use of data and digital tools on the packing line to capitalise on the surge in demand for non-alcoholic drinks such as kombucha, ginger beer, coconut water and other craft beverages.

At OFS, their vision is to enrich the lives of people in manufacturing operations. They achieve this through user-centric software solution that helps people in manufacturing perform better, think faster, and feel more valued.

Their unique software service is designed specifically to improve productivity and profit in the manufacturing industry, helping you master each and every one of your manufacturing processes. They provide you with valuable and accurate production line data, empowering you to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and increase output.

With the automated, continuous, and real-time data provided by OFS, the immediate and long-term benefits you stand to reap include:
· Improved factory floor efficiency
· Instant and continuous reporting
· Accurate identification of production waste and potential cost savings
· Live monitoring of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
· Seamless system connection to manufacturing lines
· Easy implementation with less than 30-minute training time
· Web-based reporting dashboard for immediate access via any PC or device

Through the powerful combination of OFS-automated data and valuable input from operators, thousands of manufacturers in dozens of vertical industries from various countries have seen leaps and bounds in their efficiency and profitability.

When it comes to OFS’ customers, they’re committed to ensuring their success by being with them every step of the way. Their product was born from the minds of those who have worked years in manufacturing, so they understand the needs and experiences lived by their customers. At OFS, they provide manufacturers with the tools and confidence to take action, and they do it in line with three core values of empowerment, trust, and empathy.

For more, head to their website.

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