Positively framing children’s thinking

Positively framing children’s thinking

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Kriegler-Education specialises in consultancy and customised professional learning design for Preschool and Junior Primary Leaders, Educators and Curriculum Coordinators. Their professional goals and aspirations are the foundation for consultancy and course design. Whether face-to-face, or online, Kriegler-Education will help you develop innovative practices that will benefit your staff, students and education community.

The foundation stone of Kriegler-Education’s philosophy is that education has the power to transform. It can transform identity, thinking, knowledge and culture. In short it has a profound impact on the world and is the pathway to a preferred future. Leaders, curriculum designers, educators, parents, clinicians all have a role to play.

Education is not a passive transmission or acquisition of knowledge. Education is constructed by active engagement of all involved. The agency of each participant needs to be acknowledged and respected, and beyond this, to be planned for and supported. Maya Angelou, the US writer, poet and philosopher, says, ‘If we know better, we can do better’.

There are many types of professional learning available to educators from single contacts in seminars and workshops to well-designed ongoing programs that stretch over multiple contacts. Research shows that professional learning is more effective and enduring if the educators have time to act and reflect between contacts, are able to track their progress using action research and are able to discuss their work and progress with others.

Kriegler-Education has three core professional learning initiatives: individual, collaborative and specific to the role of the early years educational leader (EL).

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