Get the hair you want – and help marine life with Scandinavian Biolabs

Get the hair you want – and help marine life with Scandinavian Biolabs

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Scandinavian Biolabs innovate products with experts and use 100% natural ingredients and transparency to achieve rich hair growth, naturally. Their mission is to end the taboo arising from hair loss and boost your confidence through richer hair.

They bring a complete solution against hair loss – for hair growth.

With the use of 100% natural and vegan ingredients, they advocate innovation through plant-based ingredients and full transparency when it comes to producing hair products. All components in their hair growth formulas are carefully chosen due to the simple fact that they are natural, healthy and scientifically proven successful in regenerating hair and by increasing activity in the follicles.

Their formulas and products are developed, tested and made in a lab in Denmark. Scandinavian Biolabs’ unique Bio-Pilixin Formula® in the Hair Growth Routine stimulates healthier and stronger hair growth while prolonging the lifetime of the hair fibres.

The mission is to recreate and boost self-confidence through the strength, health and volume of hair – solely with effective natural ingredients made by experts to create the best possible results. 

Black Friday is often a strong catalyst for revenue for both retailers and webshops, but more companies see the need to turn Black Friday on its head – and instead focus on giving back to the world.

Danish company Scandinavian Biolabs, which produces natural and vegan hair products focused on supporting hair-growth and healthy hair, have chosen to work together with the NGO organisation Reefscapers, who helps preserve marine-life. Instead of offering discounts, Scandinavian Biolabs will donate 10% of their sales during the week to help building coral frames. But what does hair-products have to do with marine life?

It is no secret that cosmetics are used in massive quantities throughout the world. Their regular use often results in contaminants that make their way into our sea along with waste byproducts such as plastics that can be found globally. Although future investigation is needed, certain cosmetic contaminants have been linked to coral bleaching (coral death), while others are thought to directly endanger the health of marine life. For instance, research suggests that chemicals found in some sunscreens like oxybenzone can induce coral bleaching, along with common preservatives found in cosmetics such as parabens and triclosan.

For more information about the company and cause, head to their website.

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