Overcoming the sustainability paradox

Overcoming the sustainability paradox

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Don’t just call Insites Consulting market researchers, they are a unique blend of academic visionaries, passionate marketers and research innovators. They are a next-generation insight agency pushing the boundaries of marketing research since 1997.

At InSites Consulting, they bring together mainstream, leading edge and creative consumers voices through their state-of-the-art insight community technology, to deliver richer insights for brands.

By closing the gap between brands and consumers, they make consumer centricity an everyday reality for more than one third of the world’s most valuable brands. They foster consumer collaboration and empathy so that people and brands can shape the future better, together!

Research is better when they do-it-together!

How sustainable is sustainability for brands in Australia?

From more frequent and extreme storms, unprecedented heatwaves, to global protests for equal rights and personal freedom, we’re feeling the impact of human-caused pressure on the planet and people. Sustainability is a key concern amongst consumers, and this has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet many aren’t acting upon it, resulting in what we can label a ‘sustainability paradox’.

Join us on Weds Dec 8 for an interactive virtual presentation on some of the key barriers amongst consumers, their expectations towards brands, and what sustainability means for your organisation.

Fuelled by proprietary InSites Consulting quantitative research amongst consumers in Australia before (July 2019) and mid-pandemic (October 2020), Joeri Van den Bergh will explore ‘sustainability’ through the eyes of today’s consumers.

This virtual event celebrates the launch of our Conscious Consumption bookzine, which is a culmination of Joeri’s expertise in today’s conscious consumers’ behavior and habits, our proprietary research, expert interviews with sustainability executives from several industries, and brand illustrations from around the globe. By joining our virtual event you will hear this story first-hand from the author.

By joining us, you will learn more about Australian consumers’ perceptions and comprehension of sustainability. We promise to provide answers to the challenges you might be facing in becoming more sustainable, and actionable insights on what consumers expect from future-proof organisations like yours!

Register at: https://consciousconsumption-dec8.eventbrite.com/?aff=tickerTV

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