How to sell your business services to government agencies with Karwanna D

How to sell your business services to government agencies with Karwanna D

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It has been revealed that the US Government spends $9 trillion in the field of business services, with 26 per cent going to smaller organisations.

And a percentage of this is obligated to specifically go to women-owned business.

“My mission is to empower other women entrepreneurs about this little-known initiative,” Karwanna D exclusively revealed to Ticker News. “This little-known secret could be the one thing that keeps your doors open.

“I want to help people understand how it all works and participate in this multi trillion-dollar spend, where a certain percentage is set aside for women-only businesses.”

Karwanna D reveals there are some obstacles people need to go through before a business can get in on the sustainable income.

“I have a free pre-qualifications app called ‘Qualifier’, available on both the Apple and Google platforms,” she adds. “Which will give people a synopsis of what they need, but also the programs they qualify for.

“Ideally, you need to have a legitimate business, then be certified as a women-only business in order to access that particular spend that the Government has, and then submitting quotes and proposals on contracts.

“On average, women-only businesses are landing $250,000 contracts right now, even during this economic downfall.”

It is also surprising that the money that is set aside for women-only businesses typically goes unclaimed, Karwanna acknowledges.

“It goes unclaimed because of two reasons: nobody knows about it and people don’t understand how it works.

“I’m here to be the voice – to let women know about the opportunity of this giant client.

“There is work to do, but my team and I show you step-by-step, how to get involved. If you put the work in, you can see the results and never need to struggle again.”

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